About us

WealthSecrets is a Tech and Innovative firm geared towards developing and creating fun tech products that not only directly/indirectly solve problems but aid its users generate wealth. The WealthSecrets ecoysystem entails:

  • Bettico
  • Staking and Farming Dapp
  • Nft Dapp and Marketplace
  • NFT and VR Gaming

The maiden product of WealthSecrets is Bettico. Bettico is Blockchain’s first social media app that promotes free speech, sports, and betting. The minimum viable product of Bettico is available on PlayStore and its web app version will be released for all users followed by the iOS version. Bettico is already partnered to top bookmakers which include 1xbet, Melbet and 22bet.

Bettico provides:
• Dapp for Peer 2 Peer betting
• Copy betting: users copy the exact bet slips of top tipsters and win as they win.
• Bet slips monetization: earn when people copy your bet slips
• Dapp for creating individual bet events.
• Timeline for free speech and sports discussions.
• Engage in sports talk shows with community and sports personalities (invited guests).
• Ability to organically rate top-performing tipsters and choose the best to increase your chances of winning bets.
• Betting hub for Sports enthusiasts, betpreneurs, and Bet companies.
• Enjoy sports banter and debates on timeline.
• Enjoy live score updates and a live streams of sports games.
WSC is the utility token for the various activities on Bettico and every product or use case of WealthSecrets

Bettico allows users to earn via:
Bettico User:
• Earn from sharing bet slips as tipster with friends and bet enthusiasts.
• Earn when active participants join the platform via referral link (making transactions or subscribing to bet tipsters).
• Earn from bookmaker payouts on bets users win using the copied bet slips from tipsters.
• Earn from Peer 2 Peer betting.
• Earn from being a bookmaker on the go (create bet event).

WSC is powered by WealthConomy, the holders and innovations. We utilize the power of blockchain to strengthen the industries of sports and betting, gaming, artificial intelligence and
metaverse. Other products/services scheduled for the future include but are not limited to a conducive environment for playing different exciting NFT and VR games, access to different profitable investment products by suggestions of the WSC AI, Mentors World and the WSC Metaverse.

Over the course of its growth WealthSecrets has partnered with multiple major brands including IBMZ, Swiss Cognitive (The Global AI Hub), Asia Blockcast Community (Blockcast.cc), Rumii VR, Classroom Without Walls, Washington Elites, IDO Presale and Digital Week Online for events and discussions on technology and wealth creation.
It’s all about Wealth Creation, Innovation and Technology.